Brain interfaces for better health

Scientifically grounded. Technically ambitious.

The patterns of activity in our brains determine our experiences, our mental state, and how we perceive and move our own bodies. Many neurological and neuropsychiatric disorders also arise from brain activity patterns, and so these conditions can be treated by modulating brain activity.

Current options for neuromodulation are limited to surgically implanted devices approved for a few neurological disorders or non-invasive approaches that are less targeted and less reliable.

At Starfish Neuroscience, we see that non-invasive and minimally-invasive neuromodulation can offer real help for a wider range of disorders and be made more accessible for those who need it.

Neuroscientists and clinicians are discovering the localized patterns of brain activity involved in many conditions, from disorders of movement and mood to sleep regulation and pain perception. And engineers and scientists are developing new ways to modulate and monitor brain activity, including novel acoustic, magnetic, and optical techniques. Starfish is committed to furthering these advances in order to develop scientifically grounded, technically ambitious brain interfaces for more effective and reliable neuromodulation.

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